Improve your swing with sound

"Rhythm and Tempo are the Heart and Soul of the golf swing."  You can see it in great golfers, it defines how a golf swing looks, how well it works, and how it feels. Many Pros can be recognized by the signature of their Rhythm and Tempo alone, all those golf swings that look effortless and hit it a ton. And unlike the rest of us, they rarely ever get out of Pace or out of Rhythm. With the TI all golfers can enjoy gains in power, reliability and repeat-ability from practicing Professional Tempo and Rhythm. The TI automatically surrounds and guides you with the sound and feel of perfect Rhythm and Tempo, training your swing to be as dependable and powerful as possible. 


The Sound of Pro Tempo and Rhythm

"Rhythm is the glue that holds a swing together".  If you’ve been thinking about the golf swing in 2 parts that is not your fault, tons of writing out there about back swing and forward swing. That’s great if you want to swing like a windshield wiper. However if you want to copy the best in the world you need to focus on a 3 part rhythm just like them. After extensive study (over 1,400 professional swings) we've transformed the cadence of the Pros back swing, lag and strike into 10 unique sound files called ProTracks™.  Tempo is the pace of the swing and 3 continuous sounds (back swing note, lag note and strike sound) present the Rhythm. The sound of the ProTrack™  emits from your swing path providing you a unique signature sound that is easy to follow and learn.  By both hearing and feeling where the club head is in proper time you will soon form such a strong mental and physical memory that only swinging the club a few times will be enough to keep your swing in sync and consistent. That's what the TI is all about, providing your swing 10 different choices of Tempo and Rhythm as practiced by the Pros.   Warm up with the TI and you can always approach the first tee confident that the "Heart and Soul" of your swing is ready  for the day. 

Just swing and listen

Rhythm and Tempo are absorbed, by both feeling and hearing the moving club head you will quickly develop a dependable swing Rhythm and Tempo as practiced by the Pros. Waggle and concentrate on the Tempo, take a practice swing hearing the Lag behind you, then hit a shot to match the Timing. The Patented TI senses the start of your takeaway and instantly begins playing the selected ProTrack™. This Patented feature allows you to perfectly synchronize your swing to a Tempo and Rhythm taken from the world's top golfing professionals.  Protrack™ TI5 is the swing signature being demonstrated.


"We’ve measured the Back Swing, Lag, and Strike timing of over 1,400 professional golf swings." We used this data to formulate the 10 ProTracks™ available in our club. Tempo is the pace of the swing, the 3 continuous sounds (back swing note, lag note and strike sound) present the Rhythm. The Patented TI teaches both by swinging in time. Once you've found your full swing TI setting, use the same setting for practicing your pitching and say good bye to hurried skulls and decelerating chili dips.


Which Protrack™ is right for you?

Is it too ambitious to copy a pro?  Not at all, as long as you find the correct Pro to copy. This is why the TI™ settings offer such a wide range. 

ProTracks™  0,1,2 Great choice if you use a smooth and unhurried motion. But don't be fooled, some huge hitters have tempos in this group.  Total swing times,  1.22 seconds to 1.44 seconds.

ProTracks™  3,4,5 are the correct choice for most golfers.  Total swing times, 1.06 seconds to 1.22 seconds.

ProTracks™  6,7,8 are more up tempo and are for athletic golfers. They require strong acceleration to keep up. Most of today's pros fall in this range.   Total swing times, .96 seconds to 1.06 seconds. 

ProTracks™  9 this setting is very very fast. Typical of golfers that set the club early or may have a shorter swing. Total swing time .93 seconds 



Rhythm and Tempo are absorbed, if your weekend foursome includes Couples, Elkington and Snead great.... Otherwise the TI™ provides a  range of standardized swing signatures (ProTracks™) as a guide for a player to match. The 10 choices cover a tempo range from say a Woody Austin to Nick Price.   Tempo is the pace of the swing, the 3 continuous sounds (back swing note, lag note and strike sound) present the Rhythm. The TI teaches both by swinging in time.

By hearing and feeling where the club head is the  TI™ quickly teaches players to  develop a powerful lag in their swing with perfect repeatability. Over time players will have formed such a strong mental and physical memory, only swinging the club 1-5 times will be enough to keep their swing in sync and consistent. Players of all abilities including teaching professionals can benefit from the use of a TI™ Training Club.


Beginners have no idea where to start when learning to play golf. How do you learn a great golf swing and repeat something you've never done? The TI™ would save new players thousands of buckets of balls and just maybe a few years of searching.


You have a handle on the mechanics and have seriously fitted your equipment. Now you can fit your Tempo and Rhythm too. Mimicking  a professional swing and repeatability will put you in control of your game getting you more fairways, greens, birdies, and lower scores.


Shape your shots hitting ALL of them with the exact same tempo and rhythm.  Carry your tempo from your favorite shot to your least favorite shot. Under pressure you can focus on the ingrained ProTrack™ and avoid the number one reason for cracking, loss of Tempo.


The TI™ makes teaching rhythm and tempo to your students possible. Coaches now have the ability to specify to a golfer the EXACT Rhythm and Tempo they should be using and and a club with which they can learn it.  This also allows you to "time" your instruction ; "On the lag note flatten your swing a little" is just one example.