Ti Training Drill Videos

Training separate groups of golf muscles to one standard Rhythm creates a neurological timing chain for your swing. When ALL the different parts of your swing learn not only what to do, but when to do it, the whole engine runs smoother. This allows you to focus on one aspect of your swing without messing up the timing of some other part.  They work, they work really really well. 

How to hold the TI for special drills

For some of the drills the TI needs to be held with the club face perpendicular to the ground. Face it a bit to the ground and it will trigger more easily, face it a bit to the sky if it triggers too much.

The Baseball Swing Drill

Pretty important to release the club on time and in front of the body to avoid early hooks and late slices. The "baseball drill" has always been great for teaching rolling the arms over. Perform the drill in normal Rhythm and Tempo to fine tune the timing (TI5 is being demonstrated). Keys for this drill are to roll the left arm over on the back swing note, hold it there during the transition, and try like hell to touch your fore arms together through the swish. 

The Leg and Feet Drill, timing the lift and step

Timing the "Lift and Step". Powerful footwork consist of allowing your left heel to come off the ground as you reach the top, and when you start back down, replant your left heel and do it hard. This drill uses the Ti to not only practice it, but to time it. Key is to let it rise at the end of the Back Swing note and plant it on the Transition note, and finish the planting before the swish. Takes more effort than it looks!  Drill is being done with Protrack TI5.

The Torso and Core Drill

Torso drill for training Rhythm and Tempo into all those big muscles. This is a great drill for golfers that just can't wait to hit the ball. Key is to really engage all your core muscles.

The Lag Drill

The problem with telling someone to "hold the angle" is the word hold. Holding on to something implies slowing it down or don't let it get away. Well the pros don't "hold on" to the angle but for an instant (@ 180 milliseconds). They "create" the angle and then rapidly release it. Most amateurs hold on to the club very tightly in this part of the swing. If you want to slow down the club head and rob yourself of distance, that's the way to do it. This drill teaches our lag timing so that we can create lag and quickly use it, like the pros. For this drill there is not much arm swing but all the wrist you can manage. Key is to create a big angle (on the lag note ) and release it matching the swish. This is all about training the wrist to work at the correct moment and quickly. Note how much swish is created with such a short swing. This example is setting TI5.

The Over and Under Drill

The "9 ball over-under drill" is our favorite. It is fun and very rewarding. Hit 3 balls each at a slower than normal setting, normal setting and a faster than normal setting. Learning what a swing that is a tiny bit fast or slow feels like will do wonders in holding your swing together through an entire round.